• About Neal Smead

    Neal Smead is a Williamson County native, a University of Texas at Austin graduate, and a FedEx sales representative. He was born in Round Rock in 1988. He was raised in a small, loving family of five children, including two siblings, and now lives in the city.

    Smead joined FedEx Corporation in early 2020 and has a proven track record of sales success. He has many interests and hobbies outside of work, such as cooking, football, and listening to classical music.


    Currently, my role and tasks are as follows:

    Neal Smead is employed at the FedEx Corporation in sales. In the year 2020, he started working as a sales representative for the international corporation. Since that time, he has developed a solid reputation as a member of the organization's regional sales team, operating throughout central and southern Texas.


    In his capacity as a FedEx sales representative, he is in charge of forming and growing connections with clients. The Williamson County native also gives talks, promotes FedEx products and services, and sells them directly, both in the United States and abroad.

    Additionally, he is in charge of doing cost-benefit and requirement evaluations for current clients.


    Career Background

    Neal Smead worked for his family's printing company before joining FedEx. During his tenure on the payroll, he oversaw a small sales staff and contributed to a fourfold increase in the business's turnover. After handing over control to his younger brother, the business thrived, with Smead continuing to provide informal consulting services.


    The talented, self-taught cook gained experience working in a variety of hotel and restaurant kitchens in Austin and other parts of Travis County while attending the University of Texas at Austin. At one of the most well-known independent restaurants in the city, he began as a kitchen porter and eventually advanced to the position of sous chef under the executive chef.


    Neal Smead worked as a junior sales representative for a nonprofit organization that has since been disbanded. The nonprofit, which has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas, specializes in generating money for research into juvenile malignancies and other grave diseases.


    Academic Background

    Neal Smead was identified by his instructors as a bright kid who succeeded in school at a young age. He maintained a good GPA throughout high school, which led to acceptance into the institution of his choice once he graduated. He participated actively in both the debate team and the student council throughout his time in college.


    Neal Smead is a University of Texas at Austin alumnus. He received his two degrees in management and marketing from this institution. One of the biggest universities in the nation, it was established in 1883 and occupies a 430-acre campus. The McCombs School of Business and its Department of Marketing are one of its 13 distinct colleges, and Smead attended there.


    Additionally, Neal Smead has completed the Online Sales Certification Program at Sobel University. Sobel University is a division of Sobel & Associates, a pioneer in retail sales, marketing, and training for more than 20 years. Sobel University has successfully taught and qualified more than 60,000 salespeople and managers, competing with companies like Smead.


    Professional Background

    Neal Smead has a wide range of practical work experience. He has had a successful career that has mainly been focused on sales and marketing. That includes improving his family's small business's performance and rising up the FedEx ranks.


    He received multiple accolades for his fundraising work while working for a nonprofit. These honors include a number of "Employee of the Month" accolades. Additionally, Neal Smead received several awards for organizing the group's fund-raising activities throughout the holiday season and on other occasions.


    He loves to cook at home and is still skilled in many kitchen-related tasks after working in the hotel industry.


    Professional Competence

    Neal Smead has built up an amazing portfolio of professional skills over the course of his years working in sales and other fields. Highlights consist of:
    exemplary leadership abilities
    Outstanding sales skills
    Outstanding teamwork abilities
    skillful communicator
    the ability to host
    adept at resolving issues
    excellent time management
    paying attention; being very inventive



    Neal Smead has already received a number of significant honors from FedEx during his tenure with the company. These include the Bravo Zulu and Five Star awards.

    The FedEx Five-Star Award honors people who have excelled in teamwork and improved customer service. Smead's manager put forth his nomination for the FedEx Five Star Award. It stands for a yearly award that sales team employees inside the FedEx Corporation view as the ultimate accolade.


    Neal Smead's Bravo Zulu award, meanwhile, honors his exceptional performance inside the company, going above and beyond what is often expected. Tickets to a play and a gift voucher for supper were presented as awards for his Bravo Zulu accomplishment. He has won Employee of the Month honors multiple times at other places and in earlier positions.


    Involvement with charities

    Neal Smead has contributed a significant amount of time, money, and effort to several NGOs, charities, and other deserving causes. That holds true for both his time working a full-time job and his time studying at the university. Some of the good causes that the skilled marketer has helped are Feeding America, United Way Worldwide, the American National Red Cross, and the American Heart Association.


    Additionally, Neal Smead is committed to helping a rising number of nonprofits that assist the homeless and food banks. That includes a number in Round Rock, Texas, his hometown, as well as others spread out over Williamson County and the rest of the Lone Star State.


    Individual Interests

    Neal Smead was reared in the church with his brother and sister and has been a lifetime member of the church with his parents. He has always been quite active in the church, and he is dedicated to looking into ways that he and his family can continue to give back to the neighborhood.

    The effective FedEx salesperson has a variety of interests and hobbies. These pastimes include cooking, listening to music, and participating in and watching sports. Neal Smead has a special love for baseball and football. His favorite food to make is Italian, and he primarily enjoys listening to classical music.


    When Neal Smead met Donna in 2016, he had personal success in addition to his career achievements. Together with their young child and four mixed-breed dogs, the couple resides in Round Rock. In the near future, Donna and Neal intend to get married.